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College Division - This division may follow a different format & end date due to players returning back to College. We may have to shorten the season for this Division.

HHH Invitational Summer 2020 Format
Registration at
We will have limited spots per division, preference who pay full amount at Registration (Fees are all inclusive (Umpires, baseballs, field prep & use)
Registration Deadline  -  6/30/20
Managers Meeting - 7/2/20

1-Level of Play - Decided by League/Manager (See Important Info Below) *
2-First Half - 6/7 Game Schedule
3-Second Half - 6/7 Game Schedule (Any Team with a Winning % of greater than 66% will move up a division, if applicable. Any team with a winning % of less than 33 % will move down a division, if applicable.
4-Single Game Elimination Playoffs - Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc. - Will be decided for each division based on team performance - All teams make the playoffs

"Two-day break between First Half & Second Half
"Rainouts will be rescheduled by District
"Teams will input Scores/Pitch Counts on our system within 1 hour of game completion (District will check scores/pitch counts from Umpire cards) ***
"Game Schedule - 7/10 Through 8/21
"Playoffs - 8/23 through 8/30

*Any Team that has a winning % of  66 % or more will be moved up (If Applicable) to the next highest Level of Play within the age group). 
*Any Team that has a winning % of  33 % or less will be moved down (If Applicable) to the next lowest Level of Play within the age group)

******Penalty for Incorrect Pitch Counts Entered******
1St Offense - Manager Suspended For 2 Games
2nd Offense - Manager Suspended for Entire Tournament

Invitational Days of Play:


Minors - Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturday's
Majors - Monday, Wednesday & Friday's

8 & 9's - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday's
10's - Sunday, Wednesday & Friday's
11's - Saturday, Monday & Thursday's
12's - Sunday, Wednesday & Friday's
Intermediate (50/70) - All Day's
60/90 - All Day's

***Important NOTE***

All rescheduled games due to rain WILL NOT follow above game day schedule!

Team Registration Instructions
Registrations Instructions:
1.   Log into Your HHH Account or Create a New Account
2.   Complete your manager info only, DO NOT create any player profiles (If Player/Family Profiles Exist, Make SURE the NONE Box Is Checked for These Profiles) or input any player data
3.   Save & Click next on bottom
4.   Under your profile, uncheck the none box
5.   Select Sport - Baseball/Softball 
6.   Select Team In drop down box - DO NOT SELECT MANAGER BOX!
7.   Select your Division 
8.   Select none for any other profile on the screen
9.   Select next & continue until you finish the registration process. Once you get to Roster page your team has been registered, so you can enter your roster/coach's or see # 10 below.
10. You can enter your Roster during Registration or go back to your account and enter roster later.   

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